Vaughn and Owen team up


The Internship (12A, 119 mins) Comedy/Romance. Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson. Director: Shawn Levy.

Product placement in Hollywood films dates back to the 1920s and nowadays it’s commonplace for blockbusters to offset some of their astronomical budgets with shameless plugs.

The Internship takes promotional tie-ins to the next level, constructing an entire film around one globally recognisable brand and extolling its virtues for almost two hours.

The Internship has a smattering of laughs but Levy’s film increasingly becomes clogged with sickly sentiment. Some of the gags wear thin very quickly, like Billy repeatedly saying “on the line” instead of online, or inspiring his team to greatness with references to Flashdance.

However, Vaughn and Wilson share likeable onscreen chemistry, and the latter sparks with Rose Byrne in a throwaway romantic subplot.